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Housing development in Llanbedr DC: a message from ClwydAlyn

ClwydAlyn is are building 38 new homes at Llanbedr D C currently. The scheme comprises a mixture of 2 and 3 bedroom houses, 2 bedroom bungalows and 2 adapted bungalows.

It is envisaged that 14 of the homes will be available to persons applying to the Tai Teg affordable waiting list and 24 of the homes will be let to persons having applied to the Denbighshire Single Access to Housing Register, SARTH.

A Local Letting Policy has been drafted for the scheme which will mean that applicants demonstrating a local connection will be awarded priority.

The telephone number for the Single Access to Housing Register is 01824 712911 and the telephone number for the TaiTeg affordable waiting list is 03456 015 605 or

ClwydAlyn Housing

Planning Application: 16/2019/0969 – Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 3 number detached dwellings at Lilac Cottage

The following letters have been sent to the Planning Department:

Dear Planning,

Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd Community Council objects to this application in its current form and supports the analysis provided by the AONB Committee.
Lilac Cottage is one of few remaining historic buildings in Llanbedr DC and has significant heritage value. It is understood that the building was the lodge cottage for Llanbedr Hall, with a succession of staff living there, and was later the village Post Office. It should be retained and restored. No justification has been provided for its demolition. An Archaeological Building Assessment is clearly required prior to determination and it is requested that the assessment is forwarded to the Community Council allowing adequate time for consideration before a decision is made.

The proposal is aiming to cram too much onto the site, and would result in over-development. Lilac Cottage forms the end of a row of large detached buildings in relatively spacious plots, and the density proposed here is out of keeping. The proposed construction of identikit detached houses at the maximum possible density does not take proper account of the character of the area. The proposed density means that garden sizes are too small relative to the size of the house and insufficient parking is provided. The roof material should be slate, not concrete tile.

The Community Council welcomes new development as long as it is designed to respect the established character of the community. Subject to re-consultation, the Community Council would likely have no objection to a scheme retaining Lilac Cottage and infilling the gap to Sycamores with an appropriately-designed house respecting the existing built form and character of this part of the village.

Yours sincerely,

Gwyn Davies,
Clerk to Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd Community Council

Dear Planning,

To say the village of Llanbedr is changing is an understatement, 38 affordable houses are being built, the refurbished Griffin Pub will open in the spring, the school is thriving again, the Community Astro Turf has been refurbished.

The Community Council are hard at work at developing a Community Plan for the whole of the Llanbedr ward. We intend incorporating ideas and input from residents on what they want to improve where they live, the Community Council are holding an Open Day on the 25th January 2020 in the village hall, to develop these ideas. The Plan will be a living document which will set out actual projects – not a wish list.

It is also a time to celebrate the area’s social history. The two main physical features left here are the Old St Peter’s Churchyard which dates back to Celtic times and the Llanbedr Hall Lodge which is also of historical significance, especially as permission has been given to demolish the Hall. The Lodge-Lilac Cottage is a square building with gothic windows, it has a “modern” extension. Llanbedr Hall staff lived here, including the head gardener, it was the village Post Office for many years. The original Lodge is a sound building, there are no signs of leaks or damp, the physical features of a house build are in place, slab, services and watertight structure, the basics for refurbishment to its original state, with a suitable kitchen extension at the back.

The building application as it stands proposes the demolition of the Lodge, and squeezing three houses onto the plot, erasing the last part of Llanbedr Hall’s role in the village’s history. The Community Council have recently taken over the stewardship of the Old St Peter’s Churchyard to develop it as a Community asset. So can I ask you carefully consider this application and see whether a compromise can be reached whereby a refurbished Lodge, is incorporated in the development of the plot.

I am increasingly of the opinion we need to embrace the past to try and make sense of where we are heading in the future!

Thank you

Lyn Evans

Chairman Llanbedr Community Council

Details of the planning application can be found here

Choose ‘Search planning applications’ and enter the reference number: 16/2019/0969

Transforming Llanbedr

Recent improvements in Llanbedr

(With thanks to superhandyman Mauro Ladeira for the first two photos)

The refurbished bus shelter….

The old garage on the A494 tidied up…

The Griffin Pub re-opening soon…

and new houses, new faces in our village!